-19% Multimany (boardgame)

Use your imagination for correct multiplication!

This game has all kinds of useful and exciting features, but the main thing is that now the basic part of the multiplication table fits in your pocket! Children learn to multiply numbers from 1 to 5 without boring drills. The game is based on the unique method that helps children see multiplication with their own eyes, and even hold it in their hands, and we don’t have to tell you how important that is when your child is just starting out in arithmetic.

The game set includes cards with pictures of houses, whose windows are transparent – that’s the trick! Place a card with ‘two’ windows on top of another card with ‘three’ windows and get a house with ‘six’ windows: 2x3=6.

The pictures of houses are colourful and unusual, and the kids will enjoy studying them for interesting details. The game set also contains a deck of task cards, a game token, a cute little storage bag made out of waterproof fabric, and detailed instructions with nicely designed  illustrations.

The game can be played two different ways. The difficulty level of both versions can be adapted to suit your child’s needs. Both versions of the game will be exciting both for those who are just starting to learn multiplication and for those who already have a firm grasp of it.

“Got it!”

This version of the game develops your child’s mental processing and improves his reaction speed. Whoever is the first to multiply the windows of two houses on the block so that the result corresponds to the number on the task card, should call out “Got it!” and cover the card with his palm. The player demonstrates the result of multiplication by placing one house card on top of the other, proving that he is correct, and collects the cards. You can also slow down the pace of the game and take turns instead of racing.

“Big construction site”

We have also created another version of the game, which develops the children’s strategic vision and ability to think several moves ahead.  The playing field is a “storehouse” with 25 house cards (laid out as a 5 x 5 grid). Each player receives three task cards  – these are the results they should compute though “multiplying windows.” The goal of the game is to perform as many tasks as possible, moving the game token throughout the playing field and taking the cards from the storehouse to the “construction zone,” where multiplication takes place.

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Язык English
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Возраст Детям от 6 до 12 лет

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Multimany (boardgame)

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